Corrosion and Rust

Today in class we talked about the verb corrode and rustCorrode is a verb that means to slowly damage something.  Usually this damage is caused by a chemical. It is also common to hear the words corrosion(noun) and corrosive(adjective).

For example,

The boat was corroded by the salty water in the ocean.   This means that the boat was slowly damaged/destroyed by the salt water.  The ocean’s water is the chemical that slowly damaged the boat.  Another example is the Titanic which is slowly corroding on the ocean floor.

Some chemicals are dangerous and can corrode very fast.  For example acid() is very dangerous.  Acid is corrosive(腐食剤).  You can sometimes see a corrosive warning sign on a chemical container like the one below.

Other things besides metal can corrode.  For example this is a picture of a corroded leather watch band.  The corrosion was caused by sweat.

Rust is a noun and a verb.  Rust is a type of corrosion caused by water touching metal.  Iron and steel are common metals that rust easily.  Stainless steel is a type of steel that does not rust easily.

The boat in the picture above is rusting because it is made of iron and steel.

This picture shows a rusty(adjective) bathtub.  Also the rust stained the wall and bathtub.  We call these rust stains.


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