Foreigners with Japanese Kanji Tattoos

Many foreigners like tattoos. Especially famous musicians and singers.

Kanji like 力 ,男 , 水 and 火 are really common to see as a tattoo.

The tattoo artist is usually American so they don’t understand Japanese and they often make mistakes.

For example, this is a recent picture of a famous singer named Ariana Grande.

She wanted to get ” 7 rings ” in Japanese tattooed on her hand. But instead the artist wrote 七輪 which is a type of Barbecue Grill.

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  1. Takamichi のコメント:


    This is Takamichi, a student of meinohama class.

    My favorite youtuber also talked about it.
    I’ll share the link.

    He’s British, but he can speak Japanese well.
    I think his channel is good for studying English.

    Thank you.

    • akiko のコメント:

      Thanks for the comment and the link.
      I will check out his channel.
      YouTube is definitely a good way to study English.
      I personally like British English. It sounds cool.
      Thats probably why 007 and many popular villians all speak with a British accent.

      Thanks again,



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