Last Weeks Listening Exercise

Below is the written words to last weeks listening exercise.

The corona virus is definitely changing our daily lives.  Many of us have to stay home and we have to change our daily routine.   So, some of us might be getting a little irritable.  So, since we can afford some extra time, we need to find ways to relax.

For example, I can’t go to the gym, so I am finding ways to stay athletic on Noko.  Luckily Noko Island has some steep hills and small beautiful forests that I can ride my bike through.  It also has some scenic spots that are good for meditation.  I am not very good at meditating.  I need to practice my breathing in and my breathing out.  If I can become more skillful at meditating, I think I can be less irritable every day.  So, I hope everyone will afford some time to study, try a new hobby, or become more skillful at something you already do.

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