Frost and Ice

Recently I wrote about the weather becoming cool.  Now lets talk about another word that is commonly used in English to describe when something is really cold.  When you wake up on a really cold winter morning, sometimes there is ice frozen on your window.  This is called frost.  Frost is small ice crystals that cover anything like the  ground, trees, windows, and buildings. Sometimes it makes beautiful patterns.

Here is a picture of some frost that formed on the trees around my house in Idaho.

This is another picture of some beautiful frost that formed on a window.

Frost is also used in common conversation.  Frost is changed to the adjective “frosty” and its meaning is similar to “cool”.  This means to stay calm and relaxed. For example,

John:  This is a very important meeting so please keep your cool.

Mike:  Don’t worry about me, I’m frosty.

Frost can also be described as a feeling.  Since frost is made of ice and it is very cold, it usually has a negative feeling.  For example,

After she got divorced, her heart was as cold as ice to everyone.  She became a very frosty person. 

It is also a common way to describe something cold.  For example,

On a hot day I love to drink a frosty draft beer.

In American and European children stories there is a character called Jack Frost.  He is the person that paints the beautiful designs and shapes when your window freezes.

When your skin gets very cold and you freeze parts of your skin, we call this frostbite (凍傷).


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