Scooby Doo Listening #3

Here is written dialogue from the last Scooby Doo listening exercise.

Scooby Doo #3

Sheriff:  I got to hand it to you kids.  Finding that missing armored car after all these years.  But uh, who are these two?

Velma(orange clothes):  Don’t you recognize them sheriff?

Sheriff:  Why its Zeb and Zeke.

Fred:  They were the ones that hijacked the armored car and sunk it in the swamp.

Daphne(purple clothes):  Then they waited all this time until it was safe to look for it but couldn’t find it.

Shaggy:  So they invented the witch and zombie act to keep people away.

Velma:  While they searched the swamp with a metal tipped pole.

Sheriff:  I get it.  The pole would make a metallic sound when it hit the armored car.

Shaggy:  Yeah, and then they would pull it up with the wench.

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In Class Listening Exercise

I hope that everyone is okay and well!! Luckily the typhoon was not as strong as I expected.

This week we will have an in class listening exercise due to the typhoon cancelling a few classes. I will post some extra listening practice later on.

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Final Scooby Doo Listening Exercise

This will be the final listening exercise for the classic cartoon Scooby Doo. There is a lot that is being said in this clip so listen carefully and try to answer the following questions.

  1. What did the kids (Shaggy and his friends) find after all these years?
  2. Who are the two people wearing masks?
  3. What did these two men do?
  4. What were these two men wearing costumes looking for?
  5. These two men were using a “metal tipped pole” to search for something, what were they looking for?
  6. Why did they use a metal tipped pole to search in the swamp?
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Scooby Doo Listening Exercise

This week lets listen to another small video of Scooby Doo with some new characters.

  1. Why are Scooby and Shaggy scared?
  2. What does Velma, the girl in the glasses with the orange clothes, ask Shaggy to do?
  3. What does Fred, the man wearing a blue and white shirt with blonde hair, plan on doing?
  4. What does Shaggy plan to do?
  5. How does Shaggy ask Fred to contact him?
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