Movie Scene Listening

Watch the following movie clip from the movie “Gladiator” and answer the following questions.

  1. Who is the hero in this movie and who is the villian?
  2. The gladiator picks up a broken arrow from the ground and hides it behind his arm, why?
  3. What was the emperor’s feeling before and after he saw the gladiators face when he took off his helmet?
  4. Why is the gladiator angry?
  5. The emperor raised his hand at the end and made a thumbs up. Why?
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In Class Listening Exercise

Hello everyone, this week we will have an in class listening exercise.

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Listening Exercise

Hi everyone. Once again I want you to watch a short movie clip. I want you to focus on the scenery and the nuances of the characters. I want you to be able to answer the following questions based on your feelings from watching. I want you to practice describing what you have seen.

This is a short clip from the movie “300”. It is one of my favorite action movies because the movie has beautiful scenery and an exciting plot.

Try to explain the following.

Who are the characters? Who is the main character? What emotions are they feeling? What is the relationship between the man and the woman? Do they have a good relationship? What role or jobs do these people have?

Who is the black man? Where is this movie located? During what time period do you think this takes place? Why is he yelling at the black man? Why did the man kick the black man into the well?

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Listening Exercise

Last weeks listening exercise was a clip from the movie Forrest Gump. For that listening exercise I wanted you to give your thoughts on the characters and the situation.

The main character is Forrest Gump. Is he a normal person? Is there something different about him compared to an average person?

In the movie clip he signs up to join the military. He goes to a place called boot camp. Boot camp is the first training for all soldiers who enter the military. It is often compared to Hell. That is because it is extremely difficult and the drill instructors are extremely hard and mean to the soldiers in order to train them to be stronger.

However it seems like Forrest Gump does not have a hard time at boot camp. Other soldiers feel like boot camp is like “going through hell and back”.

There are many movies that show how difficult boot camp is. It is actually a popular theme in many movies. Below please watch this clip from the movie “Full Metal Jacket”. This movie is based on the same Vietnam War that Forrest Gump went to. So both movies are during the same time in American history.

This movie clip has some dirty language and is extremely difficult to catch what the drill sergeant is saying. The important thing is to compare the drill instructor in this movie clip and the drill instructor in Forrest Gump.

What is different?

How does each of the drill sergeants feel about the new soldiers they are training?

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