Scooby Doo Listening #3

Here is written dialogue from the last Scooby Doo listening exercise.

Scooby Doo #3

Sheriff:  I got to hand it to you kids.  Finding that missing armored car after all these years.  But uh, who are these two?

Velma(orange clothes):  Don’t you recognize them sheriff?

Sheriff:  Why its Zeb and Zeke.

Fred:  They were the ones that hijacked the armored car and sunk it in the swamp.

Daphne(purple clothes):  Then they waited all this time until it was safe to look for it but couldn’t find it.

Shaggy:  So they invented the witch and zombie act to keep people away.

Velma:  While they searched the swamp with a metal tipped pole.

Sheriff:  I get it.  The pole would make a metallic sound when it hit the armored car.

Shaggy:  Yeah, and then they would pull it up with the wench.

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