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Narrator:      There was only one day George liked as much as his birthday, sauce day.

Chef:              Ah, magnifico.

Narrator:      Sauce day was the first Monday of fall. When the chef created a brand new Pasketti sauce.

Chef:              See I call this a Molto Jolto.  Ah, because it has a nice kick to it.

George:        (SNEEZES)

Chef:              Salute George. I must find Netty.  But you go ahead and eat.  Oh and if it needs a little more salt, just throw it in.

Narrator:      George took a big whiff of Molto Jolto.  It smelled like, nothing. It didn’t taste like anything either.  Maybe the sauce needed a little salt like the chef said.  It needed a whole load of salt.



  1. George likes his birthday and which day?

George likes sauce day.

2.  When is this day?

Sauce day is the first Monday of fall.

3. Why does the chef call the sauce “Molto Jolto”?

The sauce is called Molto Jolto because it has a nice kick to it.  This means that it is spicy.

4.  What does the chef say after George sneezed?

The Chef says “salute”. This means “good health to you”.  It is similar to when English people say “god bless you” or “bless you” after someone sneezes.

5.  What did the sauce smell and taste like?

The sauce didn’t smell or taste like anything.

6.  What did George need to put in the sauce?

He needed to put salt in the sauce.

7.  How much did George put in the sauce?

George put a whole load of salt in the sauce.  A load (積み荷 ) is usually a large amount of something. So it basically means “a lot of salt”.

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