Guns and America

Guns can be very scary.  They are very powerful weapons.  However they are also a very useful and important tool.  I grew up with guns in my life.  My great grandfather, my grandfather, and my father all used and owned guns.  When you live in a very rural area, guns are important to protect you from wild animals.

Sometimes I have read about wild bears killing people in Hokkaido.  I think that if these people were carrying a gun, maybe they could have protected themselves from the bear.  With proper training anyone can safely use a gun.  Here are some pictures of Aki and her family when they visited Idaho.

Here is a picture of me showing Aki how to safely use a handgun.  Handguns are mainly used for personal protection and safety.  This is the kind of gun you would carry with you when you are walking in a very rural area like Hokkaido.

Here I am showing Aki how to use a rifle.  This is a larger gun that is more powerful than handguns.  Usually this type of gun is used for hunting animals.

Here is Akiko’s father Yoshiyuki using a rifle in Idaho.

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